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Activities in 2011

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Tet gifts donationTet gifts donation:
HSBC Vietnam has initiative to collect the gifts that departments received and from staff's donation to present to those in need. In 2011 Tet holiday, HSBC staff collected 480 fresh milk cartons, 104 hampers and a cash donation of VND 10,640,000. These gifts were delivered to Binh Minh Shelter and Nhi Dong I Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City; Thuan An nursing home for the disadvantaged elderly people in Binh Duong; and the Cardiac Hospital and National Hospital of Pediatrics in Hanoi. This annual activity brings joy to many disadvantaged children and families during this special time of year.

HSBC ScholarshipHSBC Scholarship Programme:
HSBC Vietnam, through Saigon Children's Charity, provided scholarships for 111 underprivileged students in Tay Ninh to help them pursue their studies. We also joined with Tuoi Tre newspaper in "Tiep suc den truong" scholarship programme, granting 100 scholarships worth VND500 million to fresh disadvantaged students in the North. Since 1998, HSBC has awarded scholarships (with a total value of USD 132,625) to 3,094 students in Vietnam.

Tet gifts donationWater Management Project
(December 2010 - March 2011)

From 6 December 2010, HSBC Bank (Vietnam) Ltd. in partnership with the Office of Education and Training of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, has launched a water saving campaign at eight primary schools in District 1. The campaign comprised of a three-month Water Saving Heroes competition starting with a Water Saving Heroes Day. Around 8,300 students and more than 700 teachers of eight primary schools in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, participated in the three-month project, which aimed to raise awareness of the importance of water and dangers of water scarcity, as well as encouraged good water saving practices in the local community. Each student was presented a Water Saving Diary so that they could keep track of their water saving activities during the three-month campaign. Students' parents were also encouraged to participate by saving water at home and sending their monthly water bill to school for a family competition during the project's implementation.

Tet gifts donationTree Planting in Cat Tien
June 2011

On 4 June 2011, 60 volunteers from HSBC Bank (Vietnam) Ltd., traveled to Cat Tien National Park to carry out the second stage of the "HSBC acts for Vietnam's Green Environmen" project. In this phase, about 3,300 trees will be planted, following the first phase of 3,300 trees planted in August last year. The trees planted this year will bring the Bank closer to its target of 10,000 trees covering the area of 22.5ha by the end of 2012. After finishing the work on site, volunteers participated in a training session held in the forest to learn about forest ecosystems and the impacts of climate change on the local floral and fauna systems. Further than that, they have been equipped with knowledge of how to act properly within their daily life in order to help with the cause. By changing their awareness, it is expected that they can be the most enthusiastic influencers in their living communities.

Tet gifts donationEarth Hour
March 2011

On 26 March 2011, HSBC Bank (Vietnam) Ltd supported Earth Hour by switching off all signages and electrical equipments at branches and transaction offices. To promote the biggest global volunteering initiative, over 70 HSBC staff participated in the Earth Hour Celebration programme, lighting up a "60" figure with candles.

Future First - Global Schemes
March 2011

HSBC has pledged an additional US$15 million over five years since 2011 to extend Future First, the Group's flagship global education programme that aims to tackle child poverty through education projects. The new funding will extend the programme to a host of new countries and expand its scope from street children, children in care and orphans to cover all children at risk. US$10 million will be allocated to projects developed in partnership with NGOs around the world with US$5 million allocated to SOS Children's Villages, the world's largest NGO for orphans, for projects worldwide including those in Africa. There are 12 proposals from Vietnam submitted to group for consideration and 2 have been approved which are KOTO Vietnam and SOS Vietnam, Danang project with the total amount of US$75,000 benefited to around 850 children.

Tet gifts donationFuture First - Local Schemes
February 2011

Alongside with the global scale, early in the year, HSBC Bank (Vietnam) Ltd. have called for applications for the bank's Future First programme from international and local non-governmental organisations (NGOs) which provide education and life skills training for street children, orphans and children in care, as well as vocational training for underprivileged young women in Vietnam. The key areas of focus for Future First projects are formal education; basic early childhood, primary and secondary education; informal education; and vocational training to give individuals the capability, resources and opportunity to pursue their personal and household economic goals, as well as offer access to need-based counseling. Educational projects will benefit children below 18 years, and life skills and vocational training projects will target youths aged from 15 to 24 years. For 2011, four projects have been selected for sponsorship. These projects cover a wide range of education and life skill training programmes in northern and southern provinces in Vietnam.

Tet gifts donationFF - Phu Sa Project - Swimming and Life Skill lessons
March 2011

Phu Sa is a project sponsored by HSBC Vietnam's Future First programme to support education for underprivileged children in Dong Thap. From the project funding, disadvantaged children in Dong Thap will have opportunity to continue their study with provided scholarship, stationery and uniforms in the school year 2010 - 2011. The project will grant 200 scholarship worth VND194 million to 200 students. In line with the project's purpose, HSBC also committed the provide life skills and swimming training for the children. From 25 to 27 March 2011, 15 HSBC volunteers were heading to Dong Thap and organised life skill training sessions for school students including swimming class and the changes in adolescence period.

Tet gifts donationFF Anh Duong Project
May - June 2011

Anh Duong is a project sponsored by HSBC Vietnam's Future First programme to support young women in Hau Giang province. The effort of Anh Duong is to improve young women's living standards through handicraft training, life skills training and help them to get better jobs.
- Proceeding from October 2010 to September 2011, Anh Duong project benefits to 240 rural women who have been equipped with the vocational training. Besides, the project also provides first aid lessons and teaches swimming to 85 local disadvantaged children to better equip them with some survival skills in climate challenges like floods with which Mekong Delta people usually have to face.
- From 20-22 May and 10-12 June, thirty HSBC volunteers went to Hau Giang to share basic knowledge on how to lessen spending, save more and increase income and skills to be successful in a job interview. The knowledge was friendly communicated through illustrations, comedies and simple language that facilitated the involvement and ensure understanding of the audience.

Tet gifts donationFinancial Literacy Project in Ben Tre
August 2011

On 6 - 7 August 2011, 24 HSBC volunteers implemented two projects in Ben Tre: Financial literacy for young women and Hygiene Training. Projects took place in An Qui, An Dien and Giao Thanh town and brought benefits to 80 people and around 1,000 children. Financial literacy project aims to improve young women's personal financial management skill on how to manage family's spending through short training. The training content shares some basic knowledge on how to minimise spending, increase income and save more. Also, the training introduces some skills to be successful in a job interview. Following the success of the health check project which run at Binh Thuan and Tien Giang provinces last year, this project was approved to run in Ben Tre province. In addition to current objectives, the project is expected to provide more than 1,000 children in Ben Tre with hygiene knowledge. All students were interested in the training. Hygiene training group instructed students about teeth brushing and hand washing. In addition to supporting for children, groups also delivered around 1000 gifts including toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, facial towel.

Tet gifts donationFuture First - Audio Books project
April 2011

This project was sponsored by HSBC Vietnam's Future First 2011 programme to help the visually impaired people to understand the surrounding world and to raise their knowledge through the products of the Audio Books such as the text books of all subjects from primary school to highschool, reference books, literature, history and fundamental sciences. In addition to the sponsorship, on 3 April 2011 and 17 April 2011, 135 HSBC staffs and 10 volunteers joined the voice casting day for Audio Books Library at 05 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, District 1, HCMC. Successful casted voices have participated in weekly recording session at the centre. When completed, over 17,000 copies of cassettes and computer discs presenting books of variety content ranking from fictions to educational, reference... These copies will then be distributed to Sight Impaired Associations nationwide.

FF Life center
This is Life Center's proposed project funded by Future First Vietnam (local scheme) in 2010 to educate for children aged between 11 and 17 years living in the warm house/open houses in HCMC aiming to the following objectives:
Raise awareness and knowledge relating to child violence, abuse and exploitation for the children;
Raise awareness and knowledge relating to HIV infection and prevention among children;
Equip the children with knowledge and skills in responding to and preventing themselves from child violence, abuse and exploitation.
On April 2011, project has completed 6 training courses for 265 children, successfully interviewed 22 children and consolidated 14 cases study to publish a book.

Tet gifts donationStaff Working Group
June - November 2011

Staff Working Group scheme has been re-launched in 2011. This programme is a chance for HSBC staff to show their creativeness, passion, and enthusiasm for the environment, education, and community through their own corporate sustainability projects. In 2010, the Staff Working Group scheme was extremely successful: 10 projects from thirteen various departments were funded; a total of US$42,045 was spent and more than 437 staff and 108 non-staff participants contributed 7,300hours to benefit more than 1,206,713 people. The Staff Working Group 2011 has received an extremely encouraging response. A total of 29 proposals were submitted from various departments. After having a careful look at each project, the Corporate Sustainability Steering Committee has selected 12 projects for funding based on their promise to yield the most in terms of educational, community and environmental benefits. The projects selected to execute include: Classroom Construction for Binh Thoi primary school; Build the Hand-operated Water Pump and Rain Water Conservation System for poor people in Bac Giang province, Environment Training for children: Environmental Protection Training to Young Learners at British Council, Health Check & Hygiene Training in Ben Tre, Financial Literacy for Young Women: Personal Finance Management and Job Interview Skills, Train Survival Skills for Children, Computer Literacy for Children...

Tet gifts donationSaigon Cyclo Challenge
March 2011

HSBC has long been the Gold sponsor of the event since its beginning in 1999. The event is organized once every year in order to raise fund supporting for the activities of Saigon Children Charity, funding for thousands of underprivileged children, giving them a chance to continue their schooling or accessing to vocational training in order to prepare for their future. In 2011 event, over 250 HSBC staff members have come to Phu My Hung to cheer HSBC racing team in the Saigon Cyclo Challenge 2011 on Saturday 12 March 2011. The racing team after many days of practice and receiving such a great support from HSBC staff has won the first prize.

Tet gifts donationOld Toy for New Joy
August - September 2011

2 weeks before the Mid Autumn festival, HSBC has called on HSBC staff, customers and members of the public to donate old or pre-loved toys at designated collecting booths at the bank's branches and supermarkets. All donated toys have been carefully sorted, assessed for safety and suitability, spruced up and then delivered to some of Vietnam's most underprivileged youths at shelters in each city. In 2011, HSBC cooperates with retail chains including Big C and Maximark to set up 13 donation booths at 7 cities and provinces including HCMC, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Can Tho, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Ha Noi. Each donor has been returned with an environmentally friendly bag as a thank you token as well as raising their awareness about environmental protection.

Tet gifts donationBlood Donation Day
May - June 2011

On 27 May 2011, HSBC volunteers took park in Blood Donation Day at HBAP Hanoi Branch. 79 blood units were donated from the attendance of 79 volunteers (each unit is from 250ml - 350ml). Besides, VND 13,430,000 was contributed by staffs at all sites (ie: Pacific Place, Sun Red River Tower, Cau Giay TO, Giang Vo TO and Asia Tower) to raise fund for children. On 14 June 2011, in response to AmCham's call for blood donations on World Blood Donor day, 89 HSBC volunteers from Ho Chi Minh City turned up with other employees from FDI companies to give blood to save lives and to demonstrate the Bank's commitment to supporting the community. A total of 30,100 ml of blood was collected from HSBC volunteers alone.

Tet gifts donationOther Sponsorship
August - September 2011

- HSBC supported the "Exchange day for excellent students in District 1", which has been held successfully at Luong The Vinh high school on 16 April 2011.
- 21 primary schools have attended the programme with many meaningful and attractive activities. Thousands of students had a chance to exchange knowledge and present their talent through performances on stage. All students as well as teachers had a very interesting day.
- Dream meeting_Vina Capital Foundation HSBC Vietnam has partnered with the Dream Meeting initiative to help support female ethnic minority students in their studies. Co-founded by Vu A Dinh Scholarship Fund and Vina Capital, the Dream Meeting programme supports excellent students who are disadvantaged both by their economic situation and the remoteness of their home villages. The scheme provides scholarships for 50 ethnic minority students over seven years. HSBC has joined the project as a Gold sponsor in this first year, and on 7 July, our CEO Sumit Dutta met the students and grant the scholarships during their initiation and welcome. In addition to offering sponsorships, the programme will also provide practical training courses to help the girls to prepare for the future and give them the inspiration and tools to follow their dreams. To complement the courses on communications skills and university orientation provided by other organisations, a group of HSBC volunteers were also present to share their knowledge on personal financial management, as well as helpful tips on how to be successful in a job interview. The training focused mainly on how best to manage their scholarships and encouraged the students to explore opportunities to increase their personal income.

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