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Financial Planning

With our financial planning services, we can help you start to build the future you've imagined

Wealth Planning

At HSBC, we see a world full of potential. With our financial planning services, we can help you start to build the future you've imagined.

Everybody's priorities change as they go through life. HSBC can help you ensure a seamless transition through each stage of your journey. We will assess needs and build a financial plan across all of the following five areas:

Protection Planning

All major areas covered during Financial Planning discussions are important as they all relate to your particular life-stage and needs.

However, undoubtedly, the most important remains Protection, because there is no way of predicting if or when something is going to happen. For all we know, it could happen anytime! Just as with car insurance, we only tend to appreciate this when something goes wrong, by which time, it is often too late. Little do we realise that in the majority of circumstances, a relatively small amount of money would have made a whole lot of difference.

For instance, you should make sure that your debts should not become financial burden on your family due to the unexpected and that your child's future is assured. You also need to protect your loved ones' health as they cannot share your success without good health. Last but not least, get into the saving habit early.

Furthermore, very few appreciate how affordable or less difficult Protection can be if one makes provisions at a younger age, before certain health conditions may occur.

To get the best protection coverage for your family, please book an appointment with your Relationship Manager today to plan ahead now and enjoy every stage of your life with peace of mind.

Education Planning

For many parents, building a successful future for their children is one of their highest priorities. A sound education plan will enable your child secure a better future and pave his or her way to a successful life.

It is never too early to build your child's foundation for the future. Start by planning for your child's education today and contacting HSBC staff to find out how we can help you invest your funds to prepare for your child's future.

Make an overseas education plan today, open a world of opportunities for your child tomorrow. Click here to find out more.

Retirement Planning

Everyone will retire one day, no matter what their age or occupation. Some of us may envision retirement as a time to relax and live life at a leisurely pace. Others may prefer a more active lifestyle. Whatever you have in mind for your future retirement, an informed retirement plan can help you enjoy the retirement in the way you choose with financial security.

The earlier you begin planning, the more certain your future will be. Through a proper financial review, we can help you analyze your financial situation and recommend a plan that is tailored to your retirement needs.

To plan your retirement step by step, you should note three common principles, including:

  • Retirement planning must start as early as possible
  • Make regular investments and force yourself to save
  • Review your retirement plan periodically based on changing needs throughout different stages in life, and adjust as needed.

Contact your Relationship Manager to plan today for the retirement you want tomorrow.

Learn about the key challenges in retirement.

Managing & Growing Wealth

It's getting more and more challenging to protect your hard earned cash as your wealth is gradually deteriorating due to inflation and other events, especially in the context of turbulent market conditions and an uncertain economic climate.

Whatever your age or financial situation, your approach to saving, spending and investing can have a direct effect on how you grow your money over time. When planning your finance, think about your short, medium and long-term goals, and how much money you need to achieve them. This will give you an idea of how much you need to save or invest over different periods.

Contact your Relationship Manager today to find out how we can help you make your money work harder for you and what paths you could take to achieve your goals.

Legacy planning

Legacy planning allows you to pass on what is most important to your loved ones without compromising on your current and future lifestyle requirements.

With adequate legacy planning, you will be able to increase your assets, enjoy greater liquidity and free your loved ones from debt should any unforeseen circumstances occur whist benefiting from financial freedom in your golden years.

Protect what you have built with legacy planning today and contact your Relationship Manager to find out how you can provide enduring financial security for yourself and your loved ones.