HSBC Car insurance

Car Insurance is an auto insurance plan that offers you the best service, together with many attractive benefits and competitive premium rates.


  • Coverage for physical damage to the insured car1
  • Third party liability insurance
    Coverage for damages, losses or injuries inflicted upon another person and/or property by automobile2.
  • Insurance for driver and passengers
    Compensation for losses or injuries inflicted upon driver and passengers when automobile is in transportation.

Product information


  • Immediate guidance on accident management and claim lodgment is offered via Bao Viet Insurance’s hotline (24/24) nationwide
  • Free rescue service is delivered within a radius of 70km from Bao Viet Insurance’s rescue center in big provinces
  • Fast and convenient claim service

Premium and Non-claim bonus

Premium rate3

For 1 year protection:

  1. From 24 months to under 36 months
    Premium rate = Premium rate of 1 year protection x 2 x 95%
  2. From above 36 months
    Premium rate = Premium rate of 1 year protection x 3 x 90%

Discount policy

Non Claim Discount

  • The insurance premium will be discounted for the following year based on claim history in the previous year
  • No loss or loss under 50%:5% discount on the premium amount of the previous year

Premium rates for third party liability insurance and insurance for driver and passengers (one year coverage)

How to apply

Important information

1Comprehensive coverage and compensation for loss/damage to the insured car including insured events:

  • Unexpected accident, collision, overturn;
  • Fire, burning, explosion;
  • Natural catastrophe such as flood, landslide, thunderbolt, earthquake, hail, tsunami;
  • Whole car value compensation: In case that actual total loss or damage equals to or above 75% of the sum insured or to the extent that no repairment can make the car safe in transportation or the repairing cost equals to or exceeds the car’s actual value, Bao Viet Insurance will indemnify the Insured with cash value equivalent to its value right at the time of accident/ loss.
  • Three additional coverage: Non-depreciation for spare parts insurance; Flooded automobile insurance (water damage insurance), Repair at optional garage insurance.

2This is mandatory insurance to car owner according to regulations stipulated by Ministry of Finance.

3Premium shall be calculated based on sum insured4 ,years of car usage and types of automobile. The above rates are 10% VAT inclusive and applicable for non-commercial cars.

4Sum insured shall be decided by Car owner and Insurer based on actual market value of the insured car at the time of inception.

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