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Personal Safety Insurance

Today, peace of mind is never far away

HSBC Personal Safety Insurance

Life's full of uncertainties. You never know when an accident might happen. Be prepared with Personal Safety Insurance - a personal safety plan that protects you and your family from uncertainties in life. In the event of death or total permanent disability arising from accidents, it relieves your loved ones of the financial burden imposed by loss of income and hefty medical bills. Two levels of coverage are available to satisfy your needs.


  • Accidental death and injury coverage

    For less than VND 4,000 per day, Personal Safety Insurance - an annual coverage - will pay up to VND 840,000,000 upon accidental death and in the event of accidental bodily injuries resulting in permanent total disablement, permanent partial disablement or death in all accidents (mentioned in terms and conditions)

  • Protection during work and travel abroad

    You are well protected 24 hours a day including working hours and leisure time, even when traveling abroad.

  • Extra benefits exclusive to Personal Safety Insurance

    For medical expenses, you can receive a financial support for medical expenses up to over VND 16,000,000 per year if hospitalized as a result of an accident; and for weekly benefit, amount of VND 840,000 will be paid each week up to 24 weeks in case loss of income ability resulting from an accident.

Product Information

Two insurance plans and premium

Insurance benefits Plan A (VND) Plan B (VND)
Death 504.000.000
Permanent total disablement
Permanent partial disablement
Medical expenses (p.a.)
Not Applicable
Weekly benefit
Not Applicable 840.000 VND/week x 24 weeks
Premium (p.a.) 588.000 1.176.000

Two insurance plans and premium

Insurance benefits Death
Plan A (VND) 504.000.000
Plan B (VND) 840.000.000
Insurance benefits Permanent total disablement
Plan A (VND) 504.000.000
Plan B (VND) 840.000.000
Insurance benefits Permanent partial disablement
Plan A (VND) 504.000.000
Plan B (VND) 840.000.000
Insurance benefits Medical expenses (p.a.)
Plan A (VND) Not Applicable
Plan B (VND) 16.800.000
Insurance benefits Weekly benefit
Plan A (VND) Not Applicable
Plan B (VND) 840.000 VND/week x 24 weeks
Insurance benefits Premium (p.a.)
Plan A (VND) 588.000
Plan B (VND) 1.176.000

Eligibility and Apply now

Any Vietnamese citizen or foreigner aged from 18 to 65 who resides or works in Vietnam.

This product is only applicable to Renewal customers.

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(84 24) 62 707 707 (the North)

Operating hours: from 8am to 10pm daily

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Important notice

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