HSBC The Good Life insurance

  • Comprehensive lifetime cover with savings element
  • Flexibility to increase protection for key life events



Accident Indemnity

Accidents can happen at any time to any of us. When an accident occurs, you may face additional financial burden. This rider provides protection for:

  1. Death, disabilities or burns due to accident: If the Life Assured dies, is injured, or burnt due to an accident, customers will be paid a benefit. The benefits are varying percentages of the rider sum assured. (Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the policy for the Schedule of Benefits).
  2. Double indemnity: for accidental death caused to the Life Assured
    1. On commercial licensed public land or air transportation, having a regular schedule such as bus, train or commercial scheduled flight, or
    2. In passenger public elevator or
    3. As a direct consequence of fire in public buildings.

Detection of critical illnesses

If illnesses are detected early, there are more opportunities for treatment and rehabilitation of serious conditions. Let us help you take the best care of your health with the Early Critical Illnesses rider.

  • Early-stage critical illnesses
    The Sum Assured under this rider can be used to pay for the treatment of many critical illnesses. The Company does not apply a waiting time between the two benefit payment periods.
  • Waiver of premium when diagnosed with Level 2 critical illnesses
    When receiving benefits for level 2 critical illnesses, premiums applicable to this rider will be waived until end of the rider's term.
  • No claim benefit
    You will receive an additional bonus equivalent to 20% of the total premiums paid for this rider in every bonus period If no claims are made during the period.

Comprehensive Hospitalization Rider

Health is precious to everyone. We understand that protecting the health of your family is a major concern. The Comprehensive Hospitalisation Rider provides cover for your family as follows:

  • Inpatient treatment benefit
    Including the cost of radiotherapy and chemotherapy of oncology treatment
  • Outpatient treatment and dental care
    Optionally added outpatient treatment benefit (including prescribed physiotherapy) and dental care benefit
  • Direct Billing
    Enjoy direct billing service at authorized hospitals or clinic in major provinces and cities
  • Medical check-up benefit
    Provides a one-time medical check-up when renewing this rider and there has not been a claim made within the policy year.

Waiver of Premium - Version 3.0

In the event that families require a financial grant to overcome unexpected challenges, this feature allows you to maintain the policy without paying premiums.

When the life assured of this Rider dies or suffers Total and Permanent Disability (TPD), the customer will be waived total premium of basic policy and other effective riders being attached to the basic policy, but it does not include saving premium of unit-linked investment product category.

The customer will receive this benefit starting from the next premium due date right after the happening of the issued event to the end of this Rider’s term.


  • Issue age: 30 days to 65 years old  
  • Expiry age: 100 years old  
  • Policy term: Whole life (until expiry age)  
  • Premium Payment Frequency: Annual, Half Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly

How to apply

Call us

(84 28) 37 247 247 (the South)

(84 24) 62 707 707 (the North)

Operating hours: from 8am to 10pm daily

Fees and charges

  • Protection Premium: Protection Premium: means the amount which the customer determines according to his/her needs and shall be paid according to the payment frequency chosen.
  • Saving Premium: means the amount remaining after the annualized Protection Premium and all rider premiums due (if any) are fully paid.
  • Allocation Charge: means the expense amount that the Company shall deduct from each Protection Premium payment, before the money is allocated to the Universal Life Fund.  
This is a percentage of Protection Premium and Saving Premium as follows:
1 policy year
2 policy years
3 policy years
4 policy years
5+ policy years
Protection Premium 90% 80% 30% 20% 1.5%
Saving Premium
0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
This is a percentage of Protection Premium and Saving Premium as follows:
Protection Premium
1 policy year
2 policy years
3 policy years
4 policy years
5+ policy years
Saving Premium
1 policy year
2 policy years
3 policy years
4 policy years
5+ policy years
  • Cost of Insurance: means the cost that the Company uses to pay insurance benefits under these Policy Terms and Conditions.
  • Policy Administrative Fee: means the fee that the Company uses for Policy maintenance and providing information related to this Policy, currently VND 25,000 per month, maximum VND 60,000 per month
  • Fund Management Fee: maximum is 2% of total asset value of universal life fund. The fund management fee will be deducted from the interest earned, before the interest rate is declared to customers.
  • Partial Withdrawal Charge: None
  • Surrender Charge: None

Premium period and Premium holiday

With a flexible development, The Good Life helps customers ensure their protection and saving plan through flexible premium allocation mechanism but requires a period of premium time as follows:

Free look period

Customers have the right to cancel the policy within 21 days from the date they receive the policy. The company will reimburse any premiums the Policyholder has paid, without interest, after deducting the costs of the health check (if any).

Important information

The Good Life is underwritten by AIA (Vietnam) Life Insurance Company Limited, 15 Floor, Saigon Centre Tower 2 Building, 67 Le Loi St, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It is not an obligation of or guaranteed by HSBC Bank (Vietnam) Ltd. The information of this product may be amended by AIA (Vietnam) Life Insurance Company Limited from time to time and HSBC Bank (Vietnam) Ltd. shall not be responsible for such amendments.

This webpage contains only general information and a basic summary of the product. All terms, conditions and benefits of the product will be governed by the Terms and Conditions of the policy. The Policy will only be issued upon acceptance of the Application Form. Any persons interested in this product should consider whether the product is suitable before making a commitment to purchase the policy. Please contact us for further advice.