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Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Banking Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking is a wireless Internet-based service that allows safe and convenient banking on the go through your mobile device. It gives you access to our key Internet Banking features and services including: balance enquiry, transactions history retrieval, bill payment, fund transfer, and rate enquiries.

How is Mobile Banking different to Internet Banking?

Mobile Banking is designed specifically for ease of use on mobile devices. Your phone's built-in features like touchscreens are used and information is properly formatted for a smaller screen.

Does Mobile Banking work with a pre-paid mobile line?

Mobile Banking works on any type of mobile line with an internet connection. Please check with your service provider regarding the data charges that might apply.

How much does HSBC Mobile Banking cost?

There are no bank charges for using HSBC Mobile Banking. Please be informed that Mobile Banking uses data transfers. Please check with your service provider regarding data charges that may apply.

Will I need to download any additional software or purchase an application from iTunes or Google Play Store?

Apple iPhone or Android - powered devices will need to download the free HSBC Mobile Banking app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Do I need to register for HSBC Mobile Banking?

No, you do not need to register. To access HSBC Mobile Banking, please use your existing Internet Banking log on details.

What is the URL (address) for Mobile Banking?

There is no URL (address) for Mobile Banking, if you key in on your mobile device's browser, the full HSBC website will appear.

How can I access other HSBC Internet Banking functions that are currently not available via HSBC Mobile Banking?

You can access the full version of HSBC Internet Banking by logging on through our website via your computer. 

Can I access HSBC Mobile Banking overseas?

Yes. HSBC Mobile Banking is accessible anywhere as long as you have a connection to the internet via your mobile device. Please note that you may incur roaming data charges while overseas. Please check with your service provider for data charges that may apply. 

Can I activate my security device via HSBC Mobile Banking?

No. Activation of security devices must be done by accessing your HSBC Internet Banking via a computer.

Do I need an HSBC account to use HSBC Mobile Banking?

Yes. You must be a registered HSBC Internet Banking user to use HSBC Mobile Banking.

If I have cancelled my HSBC Internet Banking service, can I still access HSBC Mobile Banking?

No. The same security credentials, such as username, password and security code are used for both HSBC Internet Banking and HSBC Mobile Banking. If your HSBC Internet Banking account is cancelled, you will not be able to access HSBC Mobile Banking.

Can I schedule transfers later or set up a recurring transaction via HSBC Mobile Banking?

Transfers via HSBC Mobile Banking are currently applicable to "transfer now" and "transfer later". To schedule recurring transfer, please access HSBC Internet Banking using your computer.

Can I change or delete a scheduled payment that I have previously set up using HSBC Mobile Banking?

No. To change or delete a scheduled payment, please access HSBC Internet Banking using your computer.

Can I be logged into HSBC Internet Banking and HSBC Mobile Banking at the same time?

No. You will receive an error message if you try to log on to both concurrently.

What happens to my HSBC Mobile Banking session if I leave my phone idle for a while?

For security reasons, your HSBC Mobile Banking session will be automatically terminated after 10 minutes of inactivity. You will then need to log on again.

What happens if I answer a phone call or SMS whilst using HSBC Mobile Banking?

It depends on your device and data plan. Some devices cannot multitask. If you accept a phone call or SMS whilst using Mobile Banking, your session may be terminated. You will then need to log on again.

Is Mobile Banking safe?

Yes, Mobile Banking is as safe as Internet Banking because the same security measures are used.

Is Mobile Banking slow?

No, it's fast. Mobile Banking sends very small amounts of information at a time for the quickest possible mobile experience. If you experience slow speeds, please check on the quality of your internet connection. 

What if I can't connect to the Internet on my mobile device?

If you are unable to access the internet through your mobile device, please contact your telecommunication service provider or the manufacturer's technical support.

It is taking a long time to load when I access the logon page/confirmation page etc. Why is that?

Please check your internet connection and signal quality. Make sure that the internet connection (WiFi or mobile broadband) is available. 

Connection speeds vary with service providers, data plans and geographical locations. If you experience a slow response while using HSBC Mobile Banking, please check with your telecommunication service provider. 

I see the full version of the HSBC website on my mobile device, not the HSBC Mobile Banking landing page. Why is this so?

This occurs because the new HSBC Mobile Banking does not support mobile phone's browser. You need to launch the HSBC Mobile Banking Application to access HSBC Mobile Banking functions.