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Frequently Asked Questions

ATM Frequently Asked Questions

My card is retained in an ATM. What should I do?


  1. My card is retained in an HSBC ATM.
    HSBC/ Foreign issued cards will be returned after 4 working days at HSBC Branch/Transaction Office which is nearest the ATM retains cards.
    1. Retained cards at HSBC ATMs in Binh Duong province will be returned at HSBC Binh Duong Branch on Tuesday of the following week.
    2. Retained cards will be destroyed after 30 days uncollected.
    3. Report lost cards will be destroyed and not be returned.

      Call (+84 28) 37 247 247 (the South) or (+84 24) 62 707 707 (the North) for more details.
  2. My card is retained in an ATM of other banks
    Retained card at ATM of other banks will be destroyed. Please bring the ATM receipt/confirmation issued the relevant banks on card retaining at their ATM to nearest HSBC branch/ Transaction Office to have the card replaced without charge.

How can I deposit cash via ATM?


HSBC equips Multifunction ATMs at every HSBC branch or Transaction Office that enables you to make cash deposit. Please follow these steps in the attached user guide to fulfil you need.

How can I make a transfer via ATM?


Please be advised that you are able to make transfer to HSBC savings, current account and make payment to credit card account at HSBC ATMs. Please follow steps in the attached user guides to our public website

How do I use my Debit Card to withdraw from my USD account at an HSBC ATM?


Your default primary account (PAN) of your debit card is VND.

To withdraw fund from Secondary account number (SAN), please follow the Below steps. Please note that the currency of your cash is always in VND regardless the withdrawal is made from your PAN or SAN account. Insert card and enter PIN

  • Select Other Services
  • Select Cash withdrawal
  • Select account that you would want to conduct 

How do I withdraw money from an HSBC ATM?


For cash withdrawal please follow these steps:

  • Insert card and enter PIN
  • Select the right amount
  • Select the account to debit (optional)
  • Take card and the money will come out after a few

What is the cash withdrawal (ATM) fee?


  • Debit Card  issued by HSBC Vietnam, withdraw on HSBC ATMs: Free of charge
  • Debit Card issued by HSBC Vietnam, withdraw on other banks' ATM:

    Charge from HSBC: VND 5,000 for transaction on local Plus ATMs, VND 60,000 for transactions on global Plus ATMs, VND 45,000 for HSBC ATM in other countries/ territories

    Issuing bank charge may apply

I did not receive cash after making withdrawal, but my account was debited. What should I do?


Please bring along your ID card, sales slips (if any) and visit any HSBC transaction offices to complete the ATM claim form. Your claim request shall be resolved and responded within 60 working days from the date we receive such claim request.

How do I check the credit account balance at HSBC ATM?


Please follow these steps to check the Credit Card account balance:

  • Insert card and enter PIN
  • Select balance enquiry
  • Select Credit Card account

How can I change my debit card/credit card PIN at ATM?


To change PIN please follow these steps: Insert card and enter PIN

  • Select Other services
  • Select Change PIN
  • Enter your new PIN including 6 digits
  • Enter your new PIN again
  • Enter the old PIN and wait a few seconds for the notice message "Your new PIN is accepted"

How do I change language at the ATM?


To change language please follow these steps: 

  • Insert card and enter PIN
  • Select Other services
  • Select Other services
  • Select Change language

What is the daily limit for cash withdrawal?


The daily limit for Debit Card is VND 20,000,000.

The daily limit for Credit Card is up to VND 16,000,000 or 30% limit, whichever is lower.

Risks and risk prevention


  • PIN theft: When using an ATM please make sure your PIN is seen by noone. You can use your hand to shield the keypad when entering your PIN; you should not write your PIN on the card or keep a copy of PIN in your wallet. Please keep a reasonable distance to the one who is making transactions.
  • Card information theft: All HSBC ATM card readers have been installed with anti-skimming system. However, if the ATM card reader seems unusual compared to other HSBC ATMs, please use another ATM or contact the bank.
  • Robbery: HSBC ATMs are equipped with cameras, and installed in areas that are clearly visible from the street and to foot traffic, as well as security guards. In addition, HSBC cooperates with landlords and police to maintain a high security level for our customers. However, please always be alert to the surroundings when making transactions at ATMs.

Query, support and claim about HSBC ATM services


If you have any questions or request for assistance in relation to ATM services, please contact HSBC Contact Center (+84 28) 37 247 247 (the South) or (+84 24) 62 707 707 (the North) for support.

If you have any complaint or any ATM transaction need to be verified, please bring along your ID card or Passport and the ATM sales slips (if any) to any HSBC transaction office or branch for support. Your claim request shall be resolved and responded within 60 working days from the date we receive such claim request.