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What do I need to apply for a credit card at HSBC?

Do you want to apply for a credit card but you're not sure what's involved?

This article will guide you through the process of applying for a credit card at HSBC.

Applying for a credit card: common requirements

Each bank will have its own requirements and eligibility criteria for each of their credit cards. You can look at the bank's website or contact their contact center to find out more. 

In general, though, to be eligible for a credit card, you need to meet the following requirements:

Age and identification

You must be either Vietnamese or a foreigner living in Vietnam, aged 21 years or older. You will need your ID card or passport for registration. 

Financial stability

You must provide proof of your income through documents like salary slips or bank statements. Banks often require proof of income for the last 3 months. 

Residence in specific cities

The bank may require you to live in one of a list of specific cities. Areas and places far from where the bank is operating may be excluded from the bank's list of eligible locations. 

Credit history

Your credit history is a record of how you repay debts. Anyone who has ever made debt repayments will have their information stored in the Credit Information Center (CIC). All  banks have access to this system to check the credit history of customers who apply for a credit card. 

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To be eligible for the card, a minimum income of VND 9 million paid through bank account is required.

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How to apply for a credit card at HSBC


  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Have a minimum monthly income of VND8 million for salaried earners who are Vietnamese, VND15 million for foreigners, or VND15 million for Vietnamese people who are self-employed or business owners
  • Live in one of these cities or provinces:

- Hanoi

- Ho Chi Minh City

- Ba Ria - Vung Tau

- Bac Ninh

- Binh Duong

- Da Nang

- Dong Nai

- Hai Duong

- Hai Phong

- Hoi An

- Hue

- Hung Yen

- Long An

- Tay Ninh

- Vinh Phuc

Also, if you're a foreigner, you need to have had a residence permit in Vietnam for at least 12 consecutive months when you apply for an HSBC credit card.

Required documents

To apply for an HSBC credit card, you need to provide the following documents:

1. Completed credit card application form - original copy. Fill in the form.

2. Identification documents (ID card for Vietnamese people, passport and visa/temporary residence card or work permit for foreigners)

3. Current proof of residence.

If the address on your ID/passport/temporary residence card (if any) is not your current residential address, you must provide one of the following:

  • Temporary residential registration (within valid period)
  • Temporary residential confirmation (within 3 months after issue date)
  • Family registration book, or KT3 (valid period). The KT3 over 2 years from issuance date could only be acceptable within 12 months overdue with valid supporting documents showing same address under other
  • Utility bills: monthly/regular bills for water, electricity, fixed-line telephone, cable TV, fixed line Internet (issued within 3 months). Round chop is required for handwriting documents. Cellphone e-bills are not acceptable.
  • Hotel/serviced apartment documents (3 months after issue date)
  • Correspondence received from financial institutions (banks, insurance companies) issued to the applicant and on letterhead paper, with signature and stamp (issued within 3 months/valid period). Cash deposit/cash withdrawal forms are not acceptable. 
  • Official documents/letters issued by government or other public bodies to the customer (within valid period/10 years after issue date)
  • Valid house lease contract/purchasing contract/rental agreement (public notarized or with a leasing service company or respective employer as a signing party, signed with red round chop)
  • Any address proof of an immediate family member (spouse, parent, son, daughter) plus evidence of family relationship (e.g. family registration book, marriage certificate)

4. Employment proof

  • Labor contract/employment confirmation/certificate for salaried individuals
  • Business license for self-employed people


5. Income proof

If you earn a salary, you need to provide bank statements showing the latest 3 months of salary payments.

If you’re self-employed, you need to provide all of the following documents:

  • Latest 6-month VAT declaration audited by tax department
  • Latest 6 months of bank statements
  • Previous year's fiscal statement audited by tax department


We may also require some other documents depending on the specific case.

Submitting your credit card application

Most bank offer two ways to submit your credit card application: in the branch or online. 

Applying for a credit card online

Now you can easily apply for a credit card online without going to a bank branch. This lets you access the service faster and offers significant advantages.

To apply for a credit card online at HSBC, you should prepare the documents mentioned above and follow these steps:

1.  Select the 'Apply online' button.

2.  Enter your details to receive a security code via SMS.

3.  Enter the security code.

4.  Follow the instructions on the screen to continue your application.

5.  Prepare and upload the required documents.

6.  Submit your completed application.

Our staff will contact you soon to evaluate or help you finish the application.

Applying for a credit card in the branch

You need to arrange a time to go to a bank branch during office hours. The bank staff will give you the application form and you need to provide the necessary information along with the pre-prepared credit card application documents.

Application underwriting

The bank evaluates your application to see if you meet all the requirements to open a credit card based on key factors such as:

  • Cardholder verification: the bank will check your personal information and compare it with the credit card opening conditions specified for the type of card you want to open.
  • Cardholder's ability to pay: your financial potential will be assessed based on the income and work profile you provide. This ensures that the type of card you are issued with is suitable for your ability to pay.
  • Credit history: The bank needs to know if you have had bad debt in the past, have already opened too many credit cards or canceled your credit card early.

4 things you need to know to get your HSBC credit card application approved quickly

To get your credit card application approved as quickly as possible, pay attention to the following factors.

Pre-select the right credit card

Before deciding to apply for a credit card, you should thoroughly research the fees, charges and benefits as well as the rewards of your card type. If you have difficulty in preparing your application, don't worry, just leave your information and the bank staff will contact you to help you with your application.

Depending on your spending habits and preferences, HSBC offers you the following credit card options:

  • HSBC VISA Cash Back Credit Card: the card is for those who often shop at supermarkets and convenience stores with cashback offer worth up to 8% for daily spends.
  • HSBC VISA Platinum Credit Card: customers who mostly shop online love this card for its unlimited cashback on online spends.
  • HSBC VISA LiveFree Classic Credit Card: with no annual fee and 0% interest instalment plan, the card is loved by customers who have moderate spending levels
  • HSBC TravelOne Credit Card: the card is loved by customers who often travel with instant points redemption at an extensive selection of airline/hotel partners and extra travel benefits.


Have you found your right credit card?

Use our card comparison tool to compare benefits, terms and conditions of HSBC credit cards.

Make sure your internet connection is stable (for online applications)

Once you've made your application on the bank's website, the bank will contact you for a 10-minute video call to review your documents and assess you financially. The picture as well as voice quality of video calls rely heavily on network performance, so it's important to make sure your internet connection is stable.

If network problems occur during the call, the staff may have to reschedule the appointment, and your application will therefore be deferred.

Don’t miss a call from the bank

Whether you apply for a credit card online or at a bank branch, the bank may contact you to verify information and request additional documents. Therefore, you need to pay attention to incoming calls at this time so that the bank can get the information and issue your credit card as quickly as possible.

Keep a good credit score

Banks use credit scores as a way of assessing the creditworthiness of their customers. Having a good credit score not only helps you get your credit card application approved quickly, but can also help you get bank loans with better interest rates later on.


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