HSBC Online Savings Account

Enjoy high interest rate and make transactions anytime, anywhere. Our Online Savings Account provides a secure and convenient way to grow your funds at a high interest rate and get instant access to your savings whenever you need it.
Application criteria: Open to all HSBC customers registered for Internet Banking with an active Current / Savings Account. No documents required for application.

Benefits and services

  • High demand interest rate (compared to Savings Account)
  • No minimum deposit balance
  • No minimum monthly average balance
  • No minimum deposit tenor
  • No account opening and closing fee
  • Currency: VND
  • Interest is accrued daily and paid at month-end
  • Funds can be transferred in and out anytime

How to apply for an HSBC Online Savings Account

For new customers

Step 1: Register for HSBC Personal Internet Banking

Personal Internet Banking is offered to all HSBC customers free of charge. Register now to experience world-class internet banking services.

Step 2: Open an Online Savings Account

Once you've received your security device and activated Personal Internet Banking, log on to open an Online Savings Account.

For existing customers

Step 1: Log on to your Personal Internet Banking

You must first access your Personal Internet Banking to open an Online Savings Account.

Step 2: Open an Online Savings Account

Once you've logged on to your Personal Internet Banking, you can open an Online Savings Account.

Things you should know

Account activity

  • Account is automatically closed after 2 consecutive months with zero balance  
  • Dormant status after 24 months with no debit transaction
  • Unclaimed status after 36 months with no debit transaction 


If you wish to continue to use the service please re-activate at the branch.


Please download the Personal Banking Tariff for more details.

Terms & Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

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