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All about mobile banking and internet banking

Today’s banking websites and mobile apps offer a lot of convenient banking solutions that make life easier.

While some things are better to do in-person at your bank, cashless digital transactions are becoming more popular in Vietnam. Both internet banking and mobile banking allow you to safely access your bank services remotely over the internet.

Here’s what you need to know about them, and the differences between the two.

What is internet banking?

Internet or online banking is a way to make digital banking transactions over the internet. You can access most of the same services you'll get at a local branch, such as deposits, transfers and the ability to pay bills. Almost every banking institution has some form of online banking.

What is mobile banking?

Mobile banking is an online banking service conducted on a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. Like internet banking, you can do most of your transactions through mobile banking without the need to visit a branch in person. 

This technology requires users to download a mobile app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) to access their accounts over the internet. Apps offer similar features to online banking but are often more convenient and easier to use. 

What can you do with the HSBC mobile app?

The HSBC mobile app is a secure and integrated technology that allows you to conduct your banking transactions on the go. The app's Digital Secure Key easily generates security codes using biometrics or your PIN. 

The HSBC Vietnam app itself is free to download and use. However, you may incur charges (PDF, 834KB) for other services, such as mobile data. 

When banking with HSBC, all HSBC Online Banking and mobile banking transactions are stored securely on your device.

Manage your worldwide accounts

With the mobile banking app, you can view your globally linked bank accounts and check your balance. You can also update your contact information, activate your credit card, receive banking alerts and notifications, and more. 

Transfer funds

Send and receive money transfers within Vietnam via Instant transfer NAPAS 247. Funds will be transferred in real time with just a few taps on the HSBC Vietnam app. 

Pay bills online

It's easy to manage your bills and make instant Pay Now online bill payments via the HSBC Mobile Banking app. You can also set up AutoPay. That way, your electricity, water, cable TV, and mobile and broadband bills will be paid automatically. These transactions are free of charge. 

Redeem reward points

Besides basic banking services, you can convert your reward points into credit card payments and immediately increase your available limit via the HSBC Vietnam Mobile Banking App. In addition, airline miles and hotel points can be redeemed instantly on our app with your HSBC TravelOne Credit Card.

Convert purchases into instalments

HSBC Vietnam App has Spend Instalment Payments with a flexible repayment period up to 36 months and low conversion fee. There's no need to visit the bank or merchant to set up and pay the monthly instalments. Whether you use your HSBC Credit Card to pay education fees, buy new household appliances or take a relaxing trip, now it's easy to break up your big purchases into affordable payments using the HSBC Vietnam App.

How to set up digital banking with HSBC

Register for HSBC Online Banking

  1. Visit on your mobile device or internet browser and tap 'Register' in the side-bar menu.
  2. Please ensure you have at least 1 of the following credentials before registering:

    2.1 Debit Account number, issued number (located next to your name on card) and PIN

    2.2 Credit card number and PIN

    2.3 Phone banking number and PIN

  3. Tap on 'Register now' and follow the instructions.

Download the HSBC Mobile Banking app

After completing the HSBC Online Banking registration, you can download the HSBC Mobile Banking App. This will automatically activate the Digital Secure Key and give you access to all HSBC Online Banking features.

Follow the set-up instruction steps to start mobile banking with HSBC.

For more information about HSBC Mobile Banking, please visit our FAQs page.

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